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The Wolf Onboard Comic (physical)

The Wolf Onboard Comic (physical)


Sold as an A4 booklet.


London, UK - the inaugural edition from Death Ingloria, “The Wolf Onboard” was released Thursday 16th November 2017. Written by Galina Rin (Death Ingloria), scripted by Hilary Robinson (Medivac 318 2000AD, Zippy Couriers) and illustrated by Nigel Dobbyn (Medivac 318 2000AD, Sonic The Hedgehog).


From the conception of Death Ingloria’s first album, The Wolf Onboard, Galina Rin intended her multi-format project to include a comic telling part of the story, but how to convert songs into visuals? Ask a writer who once worked for leading British comic, 2000AD.  In the late 1980s Hilary Robinson was writing comic strips, of which her best known is Medivac 318, a future-war tale featuring not soldiers but the medical services, and drawn by Nigel Dobbyn.  Hilary and Nigel remained friends and still meet up from time to time, so he was the obvious choice to collaborate on the Wolf Onboard comic strip.  Although Nigel has continued to work in comics, this is the first Robinson/Dobbyn strip in more than twenty years, and the old magic is still there.

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