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Death Ingloria is a one-woman progressive rock band from London, UK creating music, sci fi comics and animations about the end of humanity. Led by Galina Rin Death Ingloria animates the comic creations into the bands music videos which play out live on stage during thier anime epic stage shows.

Known for her powerful and thought-provoking music, Rin combines heavy riffs with haunting melodies and intelligent lyrics to create a unique and captivating sound that has won her a dedicated following around the world.

With the release of her latest album, "Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin", Rin has cemented her reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative artists in the progressive rock scene. The album features a range of themes and styles, from the cinematic grandeur of "Nuke The Site From Orbit" to the dark and brooding "I Accept This State".

But Rin is not content to rest on her laurels - she is already working on her third album, "Death By Distraction", which promises to be her most ambitious and adventurous work yet. Drawing inspiration from the wider anime, comic, and geek culture, Rin is exploring new sonic landscapes and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in progressive rock.

With a dynamic live show and a reputation for innovation and experimentation, Death Ingloria is a band on the rise, poised to make a major impact on the music world. Whether you're a fan of progressive rock, anime, comics, or simply great music, you won't want to miss Death Ingloria. Check out "Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin" and join the journey towards "Death By Distraction".

For fans of Coheed and Cambria and Evanescence.

Previous show include Boom Town Fair, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The World Sci Fi Convention, MCM Comic Con London, National UK Tour supporting Ward XVI, supporting Senser, Black Orchid Empire.

This year Death Ingloria played an amazing set at Maid of Stone Festival, will be appearing at HRH PROG Festival and a full 22 date run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe as well as a UK and Ireland tour supporting L1NKN_P4RK - Tribute to Linkin Park.
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