Pre-order of Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin Mini Album And Comic Physical Bundle

1. Death By Admin ID Card and Lanyard- with QR code that gets you the members only website where you get the digital album and comic as well as exclusive access to the fully animated comic short film.

2. Physical signed copy of Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin Comic Book.

3. Physical copy of Death By Admin Colouring Book.

4. We Use It As A Weapon Digital Single sent to you straight away.

This bundle will begin shipping from 24th July 2021.

Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin follows the demise of Humanity through the eyes of one lonely and disconnected young man as he accidentally destroys the world via a series of minor admin errors.

This mini album showcases soaring vocal hooks combined with sharpened riffs that journey through towering rock anthems to tender moments of a soft pianos sonic intricacies.

Twisting with emotional fury on the way, these scenes of Humanity’s fate are seamlessly blended with stunning artwork and visuals, resulting in one of this year’s biggest feasts for the senses.

releases August 10, 2021
Songs written and recorded by Death Ingloria
Production by Galina Rin and Luc Pomfret
Luc Pomfret - Guitars, Drums
Dr Mobius - Bass
Galina Rin - Vocals, Guitars
Mix and Mastered by Jamie King
Featuring Palace Acappella Choir
Choir Arrangemnet by Eleanor Rastall
Death Choir on R&R
(Hilary Robinson, Claire Willis, Andrew McLaughlin, Callum Patrick Hughes, Dan Murroni)

Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin Mini Album And Comic Physical Bundle