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Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin Comic (physical)
  • Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin Comic (physical)


    Sold as an A4 booklet.


    Released 10th Aug 2021 this is the 2nd comic fro Death Ingloira


    Our protagonist, KK, is a lonely and disconnected individual who cares little for a world he never asked to be born into. His meaningless and mundane job grinds away at the very essence of his existence to the point that he learns to turn himself off, never being fully present at his work.

    He survives by keeping to himself, his head down and doing just enough work not to be fired. Between his daily tasks (odd numbered pages) he falls into daydreams (even numbered pages) driven by his constant anxiety and regret at his past actions and experiences.Unfortunately his job is far more important than he knows as KK leads us all, quite accidentally to our collective demise

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