International Women's Day

Good Day Space Traveller, For International Women's Day we are celebrating the work of the women who is not only Death Ingloria's biggest supporter but is also responsible for pulling all the stories out of my head and translating them to our Illustrator Nigel Dobbyn, creating our wonderful comic. Hilary Robinson. Hilary Robinson's first published Science Fiction were text stories in Imagine Magazine in the early 1980s. After a fair number of Future Shocks for 2000AD, she wrote MEDIVAC 318 drawn by Nigel Dobbyn in Progs 619-640/ 683-694 in 1989, followed by ZIPPY COURIERS drawn by Graham Higgins, THE CHRONOS CARNIVAL and SURVIVOR both drawn by Ron Smith and contributed to the TALES OF THE DOGHOUSE with Maeve The Many Armed and Sting Ray the trawlerman drawn by Simon Jacobs. She contributed to the anthologies 'ORRIBLE MURDERS, THE WORM, the longest comic strip in the world, and MELISANDE for Mindbenders, also drawn by Nigel Dobbyn, and wrote for RAINBOW comic (in which Galina Rin appeared as a Brownie). Her final work for comics (until now) was with Donald Rooum on his Anarchist book HEALTH SERVICE WILDCAT. Check out these two videos 2000AD put together about our amazing Scriptwriting Droid. Medivac 318 Zippy Couriers Until next time! Be excellent to each other. Upcoming Shows Saturday 16th March - Hoodoos - Croydon - Supporting Senser! Sunday 17th March - Station Hall - Herne Hill Thursday 28th March - The Mulberry - Sheffield (link coming change) Friday 29th - Phoenix Bar - High Wycombe Friday 5th April - Swansea Comic and Gaming Con Opening Party Saturday 6th April - Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention 2019 Sunday April 14th - The Unicorn - With aAnd? Check out our events page on Facebook