Let's Eliminate Nonessential Trends

Good Morning Space Traveller, Assuming you live on Earth and follow some resemblance of Christian traditions then today, Wednesday 6th March, is Ash Wednesday and the start of LENT. An age old tradition observed by the multitudes of folks who work in Terra City 1's numerous office blocks as an excuse to give up something, either silly or serious, for a short period of time. It only lasts 40 days, until the 18th April. (Disclaimer: The tradition is obviously a lot older than this. Follow this link for the full wiki data download straight into your eye sockets). In a past life I was one for this bureaucratic number and over the years I gave up smoking, drinking alcohol, social media, adding sugar to tea and coffee, eating meat, biscuits, chips, crisps and spending money. Some all at once and others one at a time. The only vice I was ever truly able to shake was smoking. The rest all filtered back in over time. Most back to their original terrible levels. It was at this time 10 years ago that I gave up drinking alcohol and that lasted for 5 years. Now I am feeling the need to go back to those non-heady days of sobriety. I feel more work was completed, I became smarter and I certainly lost body mass, which can all be defining cost factors for life on board a space station. At $10,000 a pound of rocket payload, it's a no brainer. So today I will quit alcohol for at least 40 days with the view of more. Are you doing something similar? If so we can start some sort of safe space support group. Call it something like "The Miseries: Lent Sessions" or "The Miseries Loves Company" :D Until next time! Be excellent to each other. Upcoming Shows Saturday 2nd March - The Unicorn - Camden - Supporting Alt Country Star Arielle. Saturday 16th March - Hoodoos - Croydon - Supporting Senser! Sunday 17th March - Station Hall - Herne Hill

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