Okami's Evolution

Dear Space Traveller! Christmas and that whole holiday whoohaa is an odd time isn't it? All that joy to mankind carry on and still it feels like I'm forever standing outside a weird Xmas decor store, staring in through the window, at all the fun being had inside.

At no point do I move to enter. I worry I might never understand the merriment or perhaps I'll suddenly forget how door mechanisms work and be left outside regardless.

If you thought it was lonely being a bystander down on Earth you want to try it from up here. Watching as an entire planet of mostly miserable folk fake themselves into wild happiness only to drop out the other end on a detox of denying themselves a list of things that had brought them such simple joys not 4 weeks earlier.

You can say these are but first world problems but all worlds have problems. Let's just be happy that we don't live on Pluto!

Worry not about us, my fine friends, not all hope is lost. To combat the space crazies over this period we have begun Okami's next evolution!

Baby steps to our fully automated light show! Now that the New Year is upon us, let us not dwell on the past but think towards getting to know each other a little better in the coming year. Why not come and meet us at a show or email us back just to let us know you are still alive and kicking? Upcoming Shows Friday 1st Feb - The Unicorn - Camden - Supporting the Healthy Junkies Saturday 16th Feb - London Anime and Gaming Con! Friday 22nd Feb - Club Antichrist at Fire - Vauxhall Saturday 2nd March - The Unicorn - Camden - Supporting Alt Country Star Arielle. We'll be doing the full acoustic album on this show. Saturday 16th March - Hoodoos - Croydon - Supporting Senser! Until next time :) P.s Rocksmith has invaded Home Base Alpha. There will be tournaments. If you play let us know!