Unexpected Company

Spinning amongst the stars on Home Base Alpha, home of Death Ingloria, Okami (Communication AI) tries to make sense of the madness of Planet Earth.

Greetings my fellow space travellers,

How odd we find ourselves being accompanied this week by what appears to a shop mannequin in a sports car!

SpaceX launch

To start with I was unsure of this oddly shaped UFO that escaped the planet’s orbit however the large, friendly letters Don’t Panic on the vehicle’s dashboard certainly set my mind at ease.

This week I am adding an extra communication channel to our regularly scheduled pursuits in the form of a Facebook Group called Home Base Alpha.

This will allow me to circumvent Facebook’s constant algorithm challenges which prevents you from seeing important Death Ingloria Facebook posts (almost always about show info and Sci-fi, almost never about cats).

Join the Private Home Base Alpha Facebook Group

Upcoming shows:

Thursday 22nd March 2018 - Fiddler's Elbow, Camden

We are on stage first at 19:30 so that people can come straight from work and won't be kept out too late on a school night. We must bring 15 + people to this event to level up to a weekend spot. The door deal for us is great at this venue so we'd like to be a regular here. If you are available please come to this event. Thursday 26th April 2018 - The Unicorn, Camden

Fem Frontal Racket is a night of female fronted rock bands. This event is curated by Galina Rin to pull together some of the best unsigned female fronted rock bands in London. Entry is free to this event in this iconic rock venue. Music starts as 19:30

Saturday 19th May 2018 - The Islington, Angel A Saturday show back at our favourite venue. We're on early at 8pm.