New Music and a New Show

New Music - As Black Water Rushes In

Happy New Year to all that reside here on Home Base Alpha, Headquarters to Death Ingloria, eternally spinning somewhere up among the stars, light years away from the madness of Planet Earth.

A deep space transport vessel stocked with our latest intake just set down on the landing pad and we would like to warmly welcome these new individuals to our station.

We came across this plucky bunch of space explorers in a tiny tavern tucked neatly behind the busy thoroughfares of Terra City 1’s Northern Sector. (AKA The Islington, London, UK). This was a short yet interesting outing which introduced us to the dark Shades of Plato and the songstress of Tank Emily. It also helped us establish a secure jump point for further Death Ingloria expeditions into that sector.

In fact we will be touching down there again on Saturday 20th Jan at 9pm. If you wish to join the expedition there is a reduced entry fee of 4 GBP for all Home Base Alpha Residents. Simply reply to this email and we shall make it so.

The Facebook Event Page The acoustic album is progressing well with 4 songs now ready to record. Work on this had been somewhat delayed due to the constant interruptions of the Money Mechanics. Apparently it’s “Income Tax Renewal Season” and all hell has broken loose on the lower admin decks. As a cautionary measure power to all auxiliary systems has been rerouted to Finance and shore leave has been suspended until further notice. This will leave Creative to continue on their mission as planned with completion still expected in Feb 18.

Click here to view the first acoustic demo.

There are 2 calendars left if anyone wants to grab them now

Until Next Time

Be Excellent To Each Other

Okami (AI Unit 1)