Our Patreon Page and Shop is Operational!

Good Saturday morning to you.

Yesterday I put Death Ingloria's Patreon Page online. If you haven't heard of Patreon.com before it's an online subscription platform for artists and other creatives to help them easily run their own fan club.

This allows people to support their favourite artists from as little $1 (it's an American company). In my case our Patreon's would be charged when I post a new piece of art, be that music or video. Patreons can limit how much they pay month. Obviously some months may be more prolific than others and if I don't post anything at all then Patreons aren't charged. Death Ingloria has a number of elements of The Wolf Onboard Project still to be released including 6 new animated music videos, an acoustic album and a classical piano album. All of which will be available on the Patreon Page first and in more detail.

(The shared Dropbox that our mailing list members have access to will still exist so the free songs won't stop appearing)

Patreons will also be able to join me for the journey of creating the next Death Ingloria Project (Working title: Death by Admin) which I intend to have recorded by the end of 2018.

Death Ingloria will exist whether anyone ever pays for it or not. It's something I just have to do. However I'll be able to build bigger and more elaborate Science Fiction projects on a far faster timescale with a little help from you.

If Patreon doesn't sound like your thing then the Death Ingloria Merch Shop is also now online (examples below. There you will find T-shirts, Custom USBs, Art Prints and The Wolf Onboard Album and Comic available for pre-sale.

Last night I made my first two sales to people who are not my Mum! Exciting times indeed.

Thank you for already being part of this.

Galina Rin