Developing Death Ingloria Part 1

Today sees the many moving parts of the project start to edge closer together.

The album is due back from Jamie King (Mix Engineer) late tonight.

The T-shirts and tote bags are due from The Printing Project.

The comic has been completed by Nigel Dobbyn and will go for final graphics with Matthew Young later today.

6 of the 7 Phase 1 music videos are ready with the final to be filmed at the album launch.

The album launch is booked for Thursday 16th November 2017.

I have a meeting in 20 minutes with Claire Willis, the Album Launch Event Manager.

The promo photos have been completed and are on final edits by Al Over-Drive.

The animated Youtube series and stage projections have been started by John Tyrell.

It feels like a good time to reflect on everything that's going on.

I've created a concept album, art series and band pretty much by accident.

Well...actually the band part was intentional, everything else feels like it appeared from nowhere to take residence among the other parts.

I had never considered starting a concept band, back when I first started fantasizing about being a musician. Then through the years of music business schooling I came to understand the need for a band to be a brand, something more than good songs and talent that pulls people into what you do. For every YouTube video training video I watched, for every music related book I read, a thousand other people would ingested the same information. There are better singers, guitarist and songs writers than I, in a million better bands. The only thing I have is me and my point of view. That's where the idea of brand needs to come from. A thing that is as unique as a fingerprint in everyone.

This project has been in development for 17 years. This band has seen 3 other variations come and go over the years and now it all comes together in Death Ingloria. The first incarnation was a teenage angst student band contextualising failed love, parents and small town ideas as is pretty typical for anyone's first attempt. The second incarnation, a rock n roll party band singing about hot guys, more lost love and failed jobs. The third created the basis for the songs about to be heard in Death Ingloria but without any purpose or connection between them, no identity or narrative to tie them together, left as a batch of unfinished eggs in a nondescript basket of disappointment.

Then two years ago, out of the ashes of the failed third, many of the pieces that had been previously abandoned started to percolate together. I had the songs and the name, it just needed developed.

It came down to these points:

1. I needed a narrative.

2. I needed a unique identity.

3. I needed something onstage with me as I'm the only musician.

4. I needed to set limits to what is possible so that the ideas have a practical path to focus on and follow.

5. I needed to be able to entertain others and myself today and as far into the future as possible.

6. I needed to work quickly and with the best people I could afford.

7. I needed to keep my expectations in check.

I started with the songs. I wrote a story to join them together. Somehow, via more luck than skill, the ball started rolling on its own and quite accidentally I appear to have come out the other side with a fully realised concept project about to release its first album and with albums 2 and 3 already in the pipeline.

It feels a lot like everything is exactly as it should be and I'm still not 100% sure how it happened.