Happy Birthday 2000AD! 40 Years of Thrill Power

Last week I attended the 2000AD 40th Anniversary event.

I basically crashed the party as a guest of my science fiction writing, no crap taking Mother, Hilary Robinson.

Although not in attendance herself 2000AD kindly give her (i.e me) a platform from which to pimp my wares. Mum did write the script for The Wolf Onboard comic after all so it wasn't too much of a swizzle on my part.

I was conveniently positioned right next door to Nigel Dobbyn (picture) who is illustrating my work.

I had flyers made and talked to anyone that would listen about the project. As it happens I knew the crew doing the sound for the guest panels so I had my tunes playing as people came in and out of the auditoriums. (What a swiz!)

For those of you that don't know my Mother already she wrote a number of featured series for 2000AD in the late 1980's.

Zippy Couriers, Medivac 318, The Chronos Carnival (the first 2000AD strip to feature a disabled character), the bounty hunter Maeve The Many-Armed, and a fair few Tharg's Future Shocks.

She was later asked by the editor to give over authorship of her characters to another writer. A proposition she swiftly turned down stating that the rights remained hers and hers alone.

Being in a financially secure position she told her editing overlords to do one. She lawyered up, stood her ground and won out of court. That's me Ma!

While 2000AD never again accepted a script from her she fought the good fight in the direction of the rightous and that's all that really matters in the end.