Making Mistakes Part 1: Taking On Too Much

I'd like to follow up on last week's post.

The Art of Saying Yes & Staying Focused

We took a gig yesterday. Agreeing to play the 2 songs we have ready, stage manage the all day event and host the thing to boot, was a mistake. Something had to give and this time, luckily, it was the hosting.

I had no time, no want or will to wax lyrical between the acts about how awesome, great or gorgeous they were but instead opted for simply introducing them to stage. It was lame and cheesy and not to be repeated.

Luckily our show went well. Our gear was together and bar a minor missing cable connector we had everything in order. The projections worked and the sound was good.

From a stage management point of view the promoter certainly got his money's worth. Two stage hands for the price of one running backing tracks and projections for every artist who required it and the entire event ran exactly to time. 10 performances in 6.5 hours. Quite a feat for an activity akin to herding cats.

We took all this on for a minimal fee but the real mistake is the loss of time and energy and the increase to the potential risk.

If we'd just played the gig it would have cost us money to do it but the project's production gain would have been the same. We would have been home in time for tea. Today would not have been a complete waste and tonight could have been productive.

While our gear worked well and was safe on stage we increased the risk to it by essentially hiring it out for free to facilitate the other act's needs. One misplaced pint glass and we could have lost a laptop, projector or, God forbid, Okami.

While I'm all for community and helping out our playing partners the risk to our own project is simply too great.

It was a great day with few casualties but looking back that was more by luck than judgement. There's nothing wrong with mistakes and now is a good time to make them. As long as we don't repeat them everything will be grand.

Until next week

Be excellent to each other.

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