The Art of Saying Yes & Staying Focused

I've said yes to two gigs without having any songs finished. I was once called arrogant, a good number of years ago, for booking two shows without having any band members. I guess I'll never learn. Band members appeared then. I'm pretty confident that songs will appear now.

The current focus of Death Ingloria is getting the album recorded. I shouldn't be taking gigs. However there are a number of reasons for taking these shows.

  1. As a new project with no history we need live shots, production rehearsals and stage experience. All of these things can be covered in these shows.

  2. Club work is quiet during the summer so the revenue is required.

  3. Enforcing deadlines helps push the main project forward.

  4. Both promoters are aware we lack finished product and they still want us.

  5. My vocal and guitar practice is being lost amongst all the other project priorities. Gigs allow me to focus back up on my playing.

Basically it's a never ending to-ing and fro-ing between the time management of different skills. Only an idiot would add training for a half-marathon into the mix. Oops.

For the first gig (go to the event page) we have asked to go on first and promised 2-3 songs. We'll have two. Cage of Lament and the first song of the new album The Escape. It will see its first public performance. Is it completely ready? Nope but it's getting there. Last night it was outsourced to a bass player to turn Okami's jittery robotic attempt at a bass line into something more human.

The second show is a private affair. A friend's wedding mid-October. As we've known about this for a while the video project team has this as their deadline for the first two videos. So I'll have a month to complete another song.

The 4th September marks the first year of Death Ingloria's existence. We're not as far along as I'd hoped but the project is building into something far greater than I had imagined a year ago. Back to work everyone!

Until next time.

Be excellent to each other.

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