Got Funding? Part 1

This week I attended a workshop on grant application and funding at the Musicians Union head office in Stockwell, London, UK.

Firstly the MU is a really great thing to be part of, especially if you’re a DIY musician. This was my 4th workshop with them since I joined in Dec 2015 and I can honestly say I’ve learnt more relevant and practical information in that short time than I did in 3 years and £15k worth of a Music Management degree. Really worth the £200 annual membership subscription.


The workshop was run by Remi Harris and was super informative. It’s obvious to anyone with teeth that asking mates rates on every element of this project will only get us so far. External funding is required to get this off the ground before we’re all too old to enjoy it.

Here are the basic points that I have learned from the workshop.

1. There are multiple types of funds that can help musicians in a range of different areas. The two biggest providers are PRS of Music and the British Arts Council. With a little research you should be able to find one that best suits your project.

All funders give case studies of successful projects so you can have an idea of what they're looking for. The Arts Council also provide a list of projects they have recently granted money to.

2. In general funders are looking for:

  • Something that will make a significant change. This could be to your own career, a community or even a genre.

  • Something that will make the funder look good.

  • Something that is in an area that the funder covers but is currently lacking from their portfolio.

  • People who will report well on how the money was spent thus building an ongoing relationship with the funder.

I hope you find this info useful and if you want more information I fully recommend contacting Remi Harris and checking out the other links below.

Project News

This week we have set up Project First Wave. The creation of the first 7 full music videos. Each one will be done by different independent artists. These videos will be unconnected to the story but will be the artist’s own interpretation of the individual songs. I can happily report that the first 3 are in production.

There is plenty of exciting nonsense coming up so until next week, be excellent to each other.

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