Tiny Things Breed BIG Possibilities.

Everyday is a school day. Here is what I have learned today.

Something you become acutely aware of when you start to build a band's social media presence is that some things are simply sent to try us. Facebook's algorithm is certainly one of them.

For those who don't know, Facebook limits what you see on your wall. Gone are the days when you would see everything Aunt Betty posted about her cats. It's the reason you see random, days old posts from the same people all the time and nothing from people who've had no contact with you for years. Good for individuals, terrible for projects.

Simply put this means the more you interact (like and comment), the more you and friends in common see a post. The more you share the more people the page appears to.

This makes it super simple and free for everyone to support their favoured artists/brands/projects/bands (<---hint).

Things you can do to help:

1. Mark the page you like and want to see more from as 'Notify first' in the follow option of the page. Then like and share everything you see as soon as you see it. Page posts specifically are rated higher if they get instant interaction.

It's something so simple. You can certainly expect to see a lot more artistic reposts across our pages.

Until next week.

Be excellent to each other.

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