Cage of Lament

Good Evening Dear Friends.

Let's talk about my first video Cage of Lament.

For anyone who has not yet viewed the video the link is below.

Cage of Lament

This was a collaborative project between myself, Bait Kush, Ashka Kedziora and Al Over-drive. The finest bunch of pseudonyms ever collected I'm sure you'll agree.

This piece is completely unrelated to our approaching story and is far more electronic in nature than my solo songs will be. It is a long forgotten song of mine mixed with a previous piano piece by Bait Kush sprinkled with the stills of Al. All brought expertly together by my sister from another mister Ashka.

While this tiny project of ours did come together rather quickly the outcome has greatly surpassed its process.

In view of how awesome it has become I'm giving away the MP3 via Dropbox to everyone on my website's mailing list.

If you're not already on the weekly mailing list and would like a free copy of the song please sign up here.

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Until next week.

Be excellent to each other.