Volume 1

Here’s what I can tell you.

Volume 1 is a Science Fiction story told across 7 songs and 7 comic book pages. The comic is the narration of the story, the songs the voices of the characters.

The comic illustrations are the main visual element of the project, creating the music/lyric videos as well as stage projections.

It’s an age old story.

Girl becomes morally aware.

Girl creates a neuro-virus pandemic.

Girl wipes out most of Humanity.

Humanity hands over control to a super computer.

Humanity continues down an ever increasing spiral of death and self destruction.

Humanity escapes Planet Earth in an attempt to save what’s left of its crippled hobbling existence.

Humanity fails.

The Universe is happily unaffected so… you know… not all bad then.

I’m not going to lie. Everybody dies but you probably already suspected that anyway.

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