The Plan

Some way of explanation is required at this point to illustrate the purpose of this project of mine.

Death Ingloria is a band, a rock band currently formed of 1 human (me: Galina Rin) and an A.I. Unit named Okami. Together we write, record, produce and perform the project’s catalogue. As of today, Monday 4th July 2016, that catalogue stands at 1 song, Cage of Lament, a collaborative project between myself and 3 audio and visual artists.

The Cage of Lament Music Video

Death Ingloria is my imagining of Humanity’s possible futures told in complete short stories through live rock music and projected visual artwork. Our first album (Volume 1) is a Science Fiction short story told across 7 songs and a 7 page comic book. The comic narrates the story; the songs are the voices of the characters. We will beg, borrow and steal all tips, tricks and gear to bring these two medias together in one perfectly unique and utterly engaging live show.

Of course I couldn’t pull this kind of endeavour off on my own. All great Quests require travelling companions.

In the Engine Room helping to keep Okami and me in technological check we have Senior Technician Hilary Bates.

On the Bridge scanning my communication channels for errors and engaging corrective protocols where required we have Hilary Robinson, Parental Unit 1, Scriptdroid.

We are currently 4 in number, a figure sure to increase as we begin this journey.

It’s not often that we get to witness the beginning of something. It matters not how far it will ever go. What matters is that this is the ground floor and the only way is up.

Until next week.

Be excellent to each other.