Extra Info

Song will be created during Jan 2020 and delivered early Feb.
All info about what you want needs to be in so the song can be started from the 1st Jan.
Song will be sent to you as MP3 and WAV.

The Legal Bit

By purchasing this item the buyer agrees that Death Ingloria reserves the right to add any created composition to their Licensing Library for use on further publishing opportunities and placements. All compositions will be treated as collaborations with the buyer (named as co-writer) and any monies raised in these placements will be split 50/50 with the buyer. Death Ingloria will work as administrator of these works.

Custom Song Commission (Album Fund Raiser)

  • Have Death Ingloria write you a song! We're only offering 2!

    Do you have words and no music?

    Do you have music and no words?

    Do you just want us to write you a song on any subject or style?
    Got something to say to another human and need some help?
    Do you need instrumental music for a project or film? 

    We write with drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals.  We don't have a trumpet or violin but we'll give any reasonable requests a go.

    Along with this song commission you also get a free download of our latest album.